Thomas Michael is a sought-after speaker who brings his 20+ years of experiences as a business owner and top IT consultant to the stage to deliver his no-nonsense, pragmatic sessions. Tom covers a variety of topics focusing on common CEO leadership issues and online marketing challenges for small to medium businesses. Tom involves his audience by using his real-world experiences in his sessions and does not to shy away from sharing his failures, too. Tom’s goals for each of his speaking sessions is for the audience to walk away with a list on practical advice and actionable to-do lists.

Some of Tom’s speaking topics include:


– Top 5 things you are not doing as a CEO but should
– Eliminate, automate, delegate – how to reduce your operational involvement
– How’s business? The importance of meaningful KPIs
– Culture is everything. How to define it, build it, improve it
– What if…? Contingency planning and other things CEOs don’t want to talk about
– Work/Life Balance: How to go from 80 hours/week to 40 hours and stay in business
– How to build, manage and motivate virtual teams
– How to get more done and build a virtual workforce without going broke
– 7 ways to kill your team’s spirit (and 7 ways to improve it)
– How to reward your team members (or the importance of mental health days)


– From Dinosaur to Dynamo – Social Media for seasoned CEOs
– 5-day marketing – proven steps to start and implement your marketing plan
– Content marketing – How to turn your knowledge into leads and money.
– Dos & Don’ts of newsletters and email marketing
– Getting the most out of your online advertising
– When they’re not ready to buy yet – Lead capturing, scoring and nurturing
– Social Media – what is it good for (absolutely nothing)
– Do you have a story? How to turn customers into raging fans
– How to build & engage online communities

Contact Thomas now to discuss your event and possible topics for your audience.


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