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4 Steps To Better Sales Calls

I get my fair share of sales calls and honestly, 9 out of 10 are total train wrecks. If you make a living doing sales calls and are not meeting your quota, it might be because you are making these…

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Learn SAP or be Left Behind

You’ve heard of SAP. You’ve been on projects where it has come up. You know it’s pervasive in the business world, but you’ve never taken the time to learn it. Why? If you’re thinking about a career in the SAP…

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5 Reasons Why Your Training Does Not Work

You have two employees that do X, and now you’re hiring a third. It only seems logical that one of the current employees that is already performing this job would train the new one—right? This is a common practice in…

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Employee Procedures that Work: Make it real

When we change a procedure, we know that simply making a decision and communicating it won’t get the job done. In-person and email communication of the change is important, but stopping there can lead to confusion. Documentation and training are the missing…

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