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Culture is EVERYTHING or How to Create Culture by Design

We recently had a ‘career development day’ at our company Michael Management Corporation – we took a trip to Disneyland…just for fun. No agenda, no awkward games or assessments. Just for fun. It’s part of our culture.

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Top 5 Duties of Successful CEOs: What CEOs do all day

What does a successful CEO do all day? Run the company, right? Not so–if things are running as they should, that is the job of the Chief Operating Officer, or COO. As a CEO or an entrepreneur that hopes to one day…

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Our Employee Happiness Plan

Part of running a company is creating jobs and contributing positively to the world, and that means taking care of the people who work for you. Happy employees also work harder and better, but you already know that. I’m sure…

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Better Hiring: Skills, Attitude, Culture.

What makes a good hiring decision? Someone who can do the job well, is excited to do it, and will fit in well with your team. Simple, right? Well, maybe not. Here are three golden rules I follow when hiring….

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