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Employee Procedures that Work: Automate enforcement

After creating a new procedure and before rolling it out, it’s best to create systematic monitoring and reporting to check for compliance. When we roll out a new procedure, we plan ahead of time for systematic monitoring to ensure the tools are in…

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5 Signs Your Company is Doomed for Irrelevance

I recently posted about signs your company is in the dark ages, but sometimes there are less obvious signs that you’re not keeping up with the times. Over the last 20 years we’ve learned a lot about how people work…

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5 Signs Your Company is in the Dark Ages

One of our vendors recently asked me to fax a form to them … really, a fax? So I started thinking, what are the signs that a company has not kept up with the times and is stuck in the…

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CEO advice to my younger self

I was just recently asked what advice I’d give my younger self with regards to starting my business. Hmmm, great question. It made me think about where I am now professionally, how I got here and how I could have…

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