Learn SAP or be Left Behind

You’ve heard of SAP. You’ve been on projects where it has come up. You know it’s pervasive in the business world, but you’ve never taken the time to learn it. Why?

If you’re thinking about a career in the SAP world or about boosting your personal value, it’s time to invest in yourself by starting to learn. A recent survey by Michael Management, the MMC SAP Salary Snapshot, reveals umpteen reasons why it’s a no-brainer to add SAP to your training resume–and then to your professional experience.

People who know SAP are:

  1. Hirable: Right now there are approximately 40,000 SAP jobs listed on Indeed.com.
  2. Paid well: Average salaries for SAP careers range from $98,000 (Project Manager) to $140,000 (SAP Developer).
  3. Prepared to work with the best: 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SAP software.

Need more reason to prioritize learning SAP? On LinkedIn, approximately 500,000 people list SAP skills. Is “SAP” missing from your LinkedIn profile? Then you’re falling behind.

Hoping for a promotion in 2015? A good raise? Planning to switch jobs? Are you concerned that your company may go through layoffs? These are all great reasons to choose SAP as the focus for your 2015 training plan. Of those surveyed, there was a relatively even distribution across the following reasons for pursuing SAP certification:

  • Job Security
  • Job Search
  • Promotion
  • Salary Negotiation

Skills that are widely applicable and in-demand lead to professional leverage, worth, and job security.

…not to mention job satisfaction and feelings of self-worth and accomplishment. In fact, SAP Consultant ranked #51 on the top 100 best jobs by CNN Money in 2015. Employees want to feel needed and engaged, we know this contributes to job satisfaction–and learning a skill like SAP is a big step in that direction.

If you want to see the full picture of SAP today, download this infographic with the above-mentioned statistics and much more information to help you make decisions for your 2015 training goals.

The great news is that if you want to learn SAP, the resources are out there–they’re affordable, accessible, and you can get started today. Take a free lesson right now if you’re feeling motivated!

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